Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Grey Shore and Law School

As I graduate from law school this week, I've had the exciting news that Grey Shore of Conscience, the novella I wrote about a court-martial in the Royal Navy of the Napoleonic Era was picked up by The Long Story, the only literary journal in North America which publishes longer pieces. I've had some wonderfully kind feedback which may provide further opportunities (I'll keep you informed if anything develops).

In the meantime, you can find a PDF of the piece at the University of Nebraska College of Law's website, as I initially wrote the piece for a class.

And, in similarly exciting news, I've turned Grey Shore into a novel. I finished up the first draft a few weeks ago and am now plugging at at turning it into something workable. Again, more details to follow, but as we move into the summer and Bar preparations, it's nice to have some fun to distract me!

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