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Book I of the Uprising Trilogy

They've killed the king. They've replaced him with an imposter. Now they want his twin.

Nathaniel Fletcher and Viscount Logan Harling are two young Englishmen on their Grand Tour through Europe. But when they stumble into a plot to kill the King of Riktenburg, it's all they can do to stay alive.

A ruthless secret society known only as the Faith butchers the king, ending the monarchy that has betrayed the divine right of kings. The radicals replace him with a master imposter and order the execution of the dead king's twin brother.

 Logan and Nathaniel are the only ones who can stop Rikenburg from descending into tyranny. But how can they save the kingdom and their own lives when they're being chased by the Faith?
     The Faith is the action-packed opening to the Uprising Trilogy.
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Book II of the Uprising Trilogy

The king is restored. The country is safe. But the enemy is coming.

Nathaniel Fletcher, Logan Harling, and Jacob Douglas have already saved the Kingdom of Riktenburg once. After ousting a group of religious radicals, the Faith, from power, they've put King Phillip back on the throne. Celebrating their success, the men get married and hope to settle down in their new lives.

But nearby Austria has seen the turmoil in Riktenburg as its chance to swallow the tiny kingdom into its growing empire. And the Faith too wants revenge. Together, Austria and the Faith gather their armies and rally their people. They will also have the help of a Riktian traitor: Joseph Klein, once the king's friend and minister of war. Now, he wants blood to run through the streets of Riktenburg.

Facing this threat, King Phillip dispatches Nathaniel, Logan, and Jacob on a secret mission to Austria. Their goal: assassinate Joseph Klein and prevent the invasion the whole world knows is coming.
The Invasion is the next installment in the heart-racing Uprising Trilogy.


 A Retelling of Waterloo

Wellington is crushed. Napoleon is back. Ireland waits.
When Napoleon wins at Waterloo, Captain Aiden Rowe, an Irish orphan fighting for France, is caught in the madness. France's enemies retreat and Napoleon now rises again. The Emperor orders Rowe to return home and avenge the murder of his family.

But he won't be going to Ireland alone. His closest friend, Killian O'Meara, and cutthroat spy, James Blackbrook, are coming too. Together, they'll start a bloody revolution to gain Irish independence. 

As Napoleon crushes his enemies on the Continent, the blood flows in Ireland. Through it all, Rowe and O'Meara struggle to keep their humanity in the carnage that arises after Waterloo is won.


Book I of the Men of Eagles Series

In War, it is Love that Must Overcome.
   The love of a comrade, the love towards God, the desire between lovers - all find their place amid the bloody conflicts of history. "Men of Eagles" is a sprawling compilation of tales that depicts the sorrow and triumph of the Napoleonic Era - a canvas for unknown soldiers and the age-old heroes.   

   One story, "Rise and Rise Again¸" provides a conversation of letters between lovers amid the wars of the age. We see their burgeoning love for each other and France through treasured, shared correspondences. "A Loyal Betrayal" displays Auguste Marmont, a troubled soldier faced with opposition from foreign enemies, as well as abandonment by a cherished friend he once loved. And "The Fallen Eagle" offers a singular glimpse into the mind of the condemned, as Marshal Joachim Murat revels in memory as he awaits his fate.

   This first volume of the "Men of Eagles" series presents the reader with five thought-provoking tales about the nature of war, sorrow, and contentment in an age often overlooked.  


Book II of the Men of Eagles Series

To Die is Human; to Sacrifice is Heroic.

*Please note that each work can be enjoyed entirely independently from others in the Men of Eagles Series
With trumpeting bugles and the valiant cries of men, armies clashed within the Napoleonic Era. Amid the shocking battlefields and the dark alleyways of Europe's capitals, heroes were called upon to make terrible sacrifices. These are their stories.
Battling snow and ice, Marshal Michel Ney questions humanity and helplessly watches his soldiers' deaths in "The Bravest of the Brave."
A lowly student struggles to save his imprisoned father amid Egypt's sands in "A Father Loved, a Glory Stolen."
"Dulce et Decorum" sees a mother offer up her son to Napoleon's armies and the terrible consequences that sacrifice allows.
 Battles become commonplace in history. Instead, it is the personal narrative that inspires and provokes. The five stories in "Staying the Course" will challenge your views on war, human nature, sacrifice.  


A Steampunk Quintet

   The Questionable is Queen Victoria's favorite airship, and for good reason. Posh, exclusive, noble: the ship is everything a rich passenger should desire. But as these five Steampunk stories show, not everything is peaceful up in the clouds.

   In "A Questionable Affair," an insulted man must protect the villain he is also forced to kill. When a mutilated body is found outside the captain's cabin, a man's forgotten crimes start to haunt him in "The Wait." A worker finds himself wondering about the true worth of sacrifice in "Worthy.” Two impoverished lovers, awarded passage aboard the Questionable, find their love tested in "Unattainable Tangibility." Finally, "A Means to Produce" asks how the world might be changed if Karl Marx had become disillusioned with Europe. Traveling to the Raj, the Communist find a new audience to inspire, and India starts a bloody revolt.


A Great War Trio

Europe fans the flames of war. The world braces. The Great War begins. 
"To End All Others" is a short collection of stories about World War I and the terrible struggles of humanity in that horrid era. It opens with "Darker Dream," a poem which mirrors a work by Siegfried Sassoon, the decorated British veteran and conscientious objector of the war.
Next, a father strives to make the world see reason as Europe descends into the abyss of war. The man mourns as a patriotic son embraces the nationalistic craze and eagerly joins the army. Throughout the following years, his thoughts and aching heart are shown through poignant letters to his wife. Yet, "An Era Recalled, a Sorrow Relived" displays that peace is not always fulfilling and seldom brings relief.
Finally, "The Mandate" tells a tale about the knights of the air, the Great War's pioneers of aviation. The French hero Georges Guynemer struggles to reconcile his humanity with his duty amid the furious skies over France.
All told, "To End All Others" provides a fitting tribute to the millions of men whose lives were ended amid the mire of the trenches, the expanses of the air, and the flowing depths of the oceans. Perhaps, in some small way, it will ensure that we never forget their sacrifices.



A Napoleonic Short Story

What can you do when your only son is stolen to fight a war?

In Napoleonic France, not is all as it should be. The blizzards of Russia have stolen untold French lives, and Napoleon reels to stay alive. To fill the ranks of his army, he drafts thousands of youths from France to join the national struggle.

Into this nightmare, one mother copes as Henri, her only son, is taken. But what is she to think when he comes homes haggard and wild-eyed in the middle of the night?


A Charles Dickens' Christmas Story
Christmas is approaching fast in Victorian London. The snow is falling, carolers bustle about the streets, and all the while, Charles Dickens — England's greatest author — slaves away over A Christmas Carol, his new masterpiece. The story will be his tour de force against the evils of poverty in England. Surely, it will force the rich to look at the beggars with pity and honor the Christmas spirit, he thinks. But when Dickens loses the manuscript amid the snowfall, he has a thing or two to learn about Christmas himself . . .

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