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A Novel of Alcibiades

The Plague creeps through Athens like a snake. The Spartans ravage and incinerate the countryside. Who will save the City when her world crumbles around her?
            Alcibiades, son of Cleinias, has it all: beauty, wealth, aspirations of power. He is chased by lovers and admired by the people. He is taught by Socrates, the greatest of minds. His uncle is Pericles, the First Citizen of the City and its strongest voice.
            But when Pericles is struck down by the plague and Athens is left without a leader, he longs to fill the power-gap.
            Weathering the political maze of the Athenian mob will take all of his not inconsiderable guile. And through all his rises and plummets from grace, the Spartans are waiting to conquer his city. One of them, Chionis, is a friend from earlier days, but will their friendship survive the trials of bloodshed?
            When Greece's two most powerful cities collide, only one can be left standing. Twisting through the plague-ridden streets of Athens, to the halls of Sparta's kingdom, along the galley decks of navy triremes, to the spear-thrust and sword-slash of the battle-lines, one name will rise to thunder above all others: Alcibiades, the gods' punishment.


The country is burning. Hope is lost. Only revolution can save Riktenburg.

   In war-torn Riktenburg, Nathaniel Fletcher burns for revenge. Acting as saboteurs and spies against the Austrian invaders, he and Eva, his new wife, are engaged in a vicious struggle for control of the country. But in a sabotage gone wrong, Eva is captured by the religious fanatics of the Faith. Locked away enduring untold tortures, Eva waits for rescue.

   To get to her, Nathaniel and fellow rebels Logan Harling and Jacob Douglas will have to battle their way through countless soldiers of the Austrian occupying army, the Faith's ruthless extremists, as well as their former friend, the traitor Joseph Klein. To oust the enemy from their homes, the people of Riktenburg must rise up and rebel. Only a revolution can save them now.
   But that's just what Joseph Klein is waiting for: an excuse to tighten his grip and unleash bloody tyranny across the country. Determined to rescue his wife and overthrow Joseph, Nathaniel will stop at nothing to see Riktenburg free . . . or die trying.
   The Uprising is the climatic finish to The Uprising Trilogy.

   Preview coming soon!

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