Friday, November 7, 2014

Fall News

Hello Readers!
   I just wanted to write a quick bit of news. I am indeed still alive. However, things in the writing field have slowed down in the last couple months. I'm still in law school, and I'm also dealing with other medical issues in my family. So, writing has taken the backseat this fall.

   But, I did manage to finish a second draft of The Gods' Punishment. Clocking in at 149,000 words/570 MS Word pages, it's a doozy. It'll need a lot of editing before I have a final, readable draft ready. I've put the manuscript to rest for a while and will likely get back to it this spring. I'm debating whether or not to attempt traditional publication for this one. As everyone knows, that's always a long-shot, and it also takes a long time. But, if you're really excited about reading it, go ahead and send me an email (, and you could be a Beta reader!

   In the meantime, I did get a 10,000 word novella done for a Law and Literature class. The Grey Shore of Conscience is a story about a British naval captain in 1794 who faces a moral dilemma while judging in a court-martial for a midshipman who randomly stabs his captain. I'm holding off from publishing at the moment, but again, send me an email if you'd like to read it.

   Finally, my most pressing writing project is The Uprising, the conclusion to the Uprising Trilogy. I started the trilogy several years ago, and the first two books are published. Because of that, I feel guilty about leaving readers waiting for the final book. Like I said, finding time to write has proven difficult with everything happening this fall. Even so, I'm tentatively hoping to start this book in the next month. Even if I crawl along at a fraction of my normal speed, there will be words getting onto the page. And that's progress. If you're one of the readers waiting, I apologize.

Fall is plunging on, and I'll try to keep working.

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